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YAMAHA Product Type List
201 - 271 of 271 Models.
RX-V1 V4565600
RX-V10 VU609000
RX-V1000 V6283501
RX-V1000RDS V6283501
RX-V1050 VJ979200
RX-V1065 WR002100
RX-V1065BL WR002100
RX-V1067 WT928300
RX-V1070 VP373200
RX-V1077 ZK066700
RX-V1200 V7545800
RX-V1200RDS V7545800
RX-V1300 V9272100
RX-V1300RDS V9272100
RX-V1500 WD108300
RX-V1600 WF365400
RX-V1600 WF121800
RX-V1700 WH254100
RX-V1700 WH609900
RX-V1700BL WH254100
RX-V1700BL WH609900
RX-V1800 WK674500
RX-V1800 WK480500
RX-V1800BL WK674500
RX-V1800BL WK480500
RX-V1900 WN983700
RX-V1GL V4565600
RX-V2065 WS317400
RX-V2065 WS317100
RX-V2067 WU705200
RX-V2090 VS713500
RX-V2090 VS713400
RX-V2092 VV627100
RX-V2095 V2686700
RX-V2200 V7720100
RX-V2300 V9408100
RX-V2500 WD108500
RX-V2600 WF365600
RX-V2600 WF121800
RX-V3000 V6283400
RX-V3000GL V6283400
RX-V3000RDS V6283400
RX-V3067 WU705300
RX-V3200 V7720000
RX-V363 WN058100
RX-V365 WN058100
RX-V365BL WN058100
RX-V367 WT926700
RX-V371 WT926700
RX-V371BL WT926700
RX-V373 ZA113500
RX-V373BL ZA113500
RX-V375 ZA113500
RX-V375BL ZA113500
RX-V377 ZJ665000
RX-V379 ZP354700
RX-V3800 WK674700
RX-V3800 WK480700
RX-V381 ZP354700
RX-V3900 WN984000
RX-V3900 WP337200
RX-V3900BL WN984000
RX-V3900BL WP337200
RX-V392 VV486200
RX-V393 VZ448100
RX-V395 V3426000
RX-V395RDS V3426000
RX-V396 V4732200
RX-V396RDS V4732200
RX-V450 WC552800
RX-V457 WE458701
RX-V457 WE458700
RX-V4600 WE887200
RX-V461 WJ194600
RX-V461BL WJ194600
RX-V463 WN057800
RX-V463BL WN057800
RX-V465 WR002700
RX-V465BL WR002700
RX-V467 WT927000
RX-V467BL WT927000
RX-V471 WW510400
RX-V471BL WW510400
RX-V473 ZA113600
RX-V473BL ZA113600
RX-V475 ZF303500
RX-V477 ZJ665100
RX-V477BL ZJ665100
RX-V479 ZP354900
RX-V479BL ZP354900
RX-V480 VR094100
RX-V481 ZP457800
RX-V483 ZP457800
RX-V483BL ZP457800
RX-V490 VR094100
RX-V492 VZ448100
RX-V493 VZ448100
RX-V495 V2690100
RX-V495RDS V2690100
RX-V496 V4731700
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When ordering replacement remote controls, please include the model number of your set in the notes section of the shopping cart.
The model number is located on a label on the rear of the set. This is not required, but is highly recomended to help us catch possible problems before we ship your order. 
If you are purposely ordering a remote that is not the original or manufacturers substitute for your set,
don't  provide the model or it may hold up your order while we question your usage.

OEM replacement remotes are subject to availability. Prices are subject to change. All substitutions are the manufacturers or suppliers subs. The manufacturer is responsible for all compatibility issues. Any listed sub that is not a manufacturers sub will be listed as ERS SUB. ERS will guarantee compatibility with any substitution we make. As manufacturer stocks are depleted suppliers will often make their own substitutions without prior warning. When this happens the sub will be shipped unless there is a price increase on the sub part. OEM remotes not listed as "Normally Stocked" are considered Special Order. Special Order Items are not returnable except for exchange when defective.

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