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SAMSUNG Product Type List
1 - 100 of 202 Models.
AV-R610 AH5901644U
AV-R720 AH5901867F
AV-R720T/RAD AH5901867F
AV-R720T/XAA AH5901867F
GX-SM530CF GL5900158A
HT-AS601 AH5901327H
HT-AS601B AH5901327H
HT-AS601BT/XAA AH5901327H
HT-AS601T AH5901327H
HT-AS601TH/XAA AH5901327H
HT-AS610 AH5901644U
HT-AS610T/XAA AH5901644U
HT-AS610T/XAC AH5901644U
HT-AS720 AH5901867F
HT-AS720S AH5901867F
HT-AS720ST AH5901867F
HT-AS720ST/MEA AH5901867F
HT-AS720ST/XAA AH5901867F
HT-AS720ST/XAC AH5901867F
HT-AS725 AH5901867F
HT-AS725T/XFA AH5901867F
HT-AS730S AH5901951K
HT-AS730ST AH5901951K
HT-AS730ST/XAA AH5901951K
HT-AS730ST/XAC AH5901951K
HT-DB1680 AH5901169R
HT-DB650 AH5901169R
HT-DL200 AH5901068L
HT-DL200P AH5901068L
HT-DS100 AH5901323C
HT-DS100T/RCL AH5901323C
HT-DS100T/ROD AH5901323C
HT-DS100T/XAZ AH5901323C
HT-DS100T/XSH AH5901323C
HT-DS100T/XTL AH5901323C
HT-DS100TH/SMT AH5901323C
HT-DS100TH/XAP AH5901323C
HT-DS100TH/XAX AH5901323C
HT-DS100TH/XTC AH5901323C
HT-DS140 AH5901323C
HT-DS400 AH5901323E
HT-DS400TH/XAX AH5901323E
HT-SB1 AH5902196A
HT-SB1G AH5902196A
HT-SB1R AH5902196A
HT-WS1 AH5902196A
HT-WS1G AH5902196A
HT-WS1R AH5902196A
HTDL200PT AH5901068L
HTDL200PT/XAA AH5901068L
HTDL200PTH AH5901068L
HW-45 AH5902547B
HW-45/ZA AH5902547B
HW-45C AH5902547B
HW-45C/ZA AH5902547B
HW-C450 AH5902196G
HW-C451 AH5902196G
HW-C451/XAA AH5902196G
HW-C470 AH5902196G
HW-C470/XEE AH5902196G
HW-D350 AH5902330A
HW-D350/EN AH5902330A
HW-D350/XE AH5902330A
HW-D350/XU AH5902330A
HW-D350/ZA AH5902330A
HW-D350/ZF AH5902330A
HW-D450 AH5902330A
HW-D450/EN AH5902330A
HW-D450/XE AH5902330A
HW-D450/XN AH5902330A
HW-D450/XS AH5902330A
HW-D450/XU AH5902330A
HW-D450/ZA AH5902330A
HW-D450/ZC AH5902330A
HW-D450/ZF AH5902330A
HW-D450/ZK AH5902330A
HW-D550 AH5902330A
HW-D550/XZ AH5902330A
HW-D550/ZA AH5902330A
HW-D550/ZC AH5902330A
HW-D551 AH5902330A
HW-D551/XZ AH5902330A
HW-D551/ZA AH5902330A
HW-D570/EN AH5902330A
HW-D570/XU AH5902330A
HW-D570/ZF AH5902330A
HW-E350 AH5902433A
HW-E350/ZA AH5902433A
HW-F450 AH5902547B
HW-F450/ZA AH5902547B
HW-F750 AH5902545A
HW-F750/ZA AH5902545A
HW-F850 AH5902583A
HW-F850/ZA AH5902583A
HW-FM45 AH5902547A
HW-FM45/ZA AH5902547A
HW-FM45C AH5902547A
HW-FM45C/ZA AH5902547A
HW-H450 AH5902631A
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When ordering replacement remote controls, please include the model number of your set in the notes section of the shopping cart.
The model number is located on a label on the rear of the set. This is not required, but is highly recomended to help us catch possible problems before we ship your order. 
If you are purposely ordering a remote that is not the original or manufacturers substitute for your set,
don't  provide the model or it may hold up your order while we question your usage.

OEM replacement remotes are subject to availability. Prices are subject to change. All substitutions are the manufacturers or suppliers subs. The manufacturer is responsible for all compatibility issues. Any listed sub that is not a manufacturers sub will be listed as ERS SUB. ERS will guarantee compatibility with any substitution we make. As manufacturer stocks are depleted suppliers will often make their own substitutions without prior warning. When this happens the sub will be shipped unless there is a price increase on the sub part. OEM remotes not listed as "Normally Stocked" are considered Special Order. Special Order Items are not returnable except for exchange when defective.

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