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DENON Product Type List
1 - 100 of 266 Models.
AVC-1000 4990177007
AVC-1000KEU 4990177007
AVC-1500 9600193402
AVC-1500N 9600193402
AVC-1590 9630171106
AVC-1590 3990953002
AVC-2800 3990245008
AVC-2800G 3990245008
AVC-3030 4990257008
AVC-3030KEC 4990257008
AVC-3800 3990332005
AVC-A1 3990325009
AVC-A11SR 3990737008
AVD-2000 3990474002
AVD-2000KE3 3990474002
AVP-5000 4990212001
AVP-8000 3990296002
AVP-8000DTS 3990296002
AVP-8000KEU 3990296002
AVR-1000 4990253002
AVR-1000 3990210004
AVR-1000KEU 4990253002
AVR-1000KEU 3990210004
AVR-1082 3990642009
AVR-1083 3990839003
AVR-1100 9LHL00583
AVR-1200 3990292019
AVR-1200KE3 3990292019
AVR-1400 3990458002
AVR-1403 9630076900
AVR-1500 3990254002
AVR-1500KEU 3990254002
AVR-1600 9LHL01161
AVR-1601 9600193402
AVR-1602 9630076900
AVR-1603 9630103006
AVR-1700 3990509003
AVR-1700KE2 3990509016
AVR-1700KEU 3990509003
AVR-1706 3990876008
AVR-1800 3990737008
AVR-1801 9630043001
AVR-1801KE3 9630043001
AVR-1802 9630084002
AVR-1803 9630103006
AVR-1804 3990876008
AVR-1905 9630171106
AVR-1905 3990953002
AVR-1906 9630171106
AVR-1906 3990953002
AVR-200 4990256009
AVR-2000 4990253002
AVR-2000 4990256009
AVR-2000KEU 4990253002
AVR-2000KEU 4990256009
AVR-2200 3990458002
AVR-2200N 3990458002
AVR-2400 3990458002
AVR-2500 3990245008
AVR-25002 3990333004
AVR-25002KU 3990333004
AVR-2600 3990333004
AVR-2700 3990498004
AVR-2700KEU 3990498004
AVR-2700N 3990498004
AVR-2800 3990556001
AVR-2800KE3 3990556001
AVR-2801 3990640001
AVR-2802 3990757004
AVR-2802G1C 3990757004
AVR-2803 3990841004
AVR-2803S 3990841004
AVR-30 3990292006
AVR-3000 4990253002
AVR-3000 4990251004
AVR-3000KEU 4990253002
AVR-3000KEU 4990251004
AVR-3200 3990355008
AVR-3300 3990546008
AVR-3600 3990332005
AVR-3600DTS 3990332005
AVR-3600KEU 3990332005
AVR-3800 3990642009
AVR-3801 3990642009
AVR-3801G1C 3990642009
AVR-3802 3990642009
AVR-3803 3990839003
AVR-3803S 3990839003
AVR-4800 3990587009
AVR-4802 3990623002
AVR-4802R 3990854004
AVR-4806 3990982002
AVR-483 9630076900
AVR-484 3990878006
AVR-50 3990292006
AVR-55 9LHL00583
AVR-5600 3990325009
AVR-5700 3990527001
AVR-5700KE3 3990527001
AVR-5700KEU 3990527001
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When ordering replacement remote controls, please include the model number of your set in the notes section of the shopping cart.
The model number is located on a label on the rear of the set. This is not required, but is highly recomended to help us catch possible problems before we ship your order. 
If you are purposely ordering a remote that is not the original or manufacturers substitute for your set,
don't  provide the model or it may hold up your order while we question your usage.

OEM replacement remotes are subject to availability. Prices are subject to change. All substitutions are the manufacturers or suppliers subs. The manufacturer is responsible for all compatibility issues. Any listed sub that is not a manufacturers sub will be listed as ERS SUB. ERS will guarantee compatibility with any substitution we make. As manufacturer stocks are depleted suppliers will often make their own substitutions without prior warning. When this happens the sub will be shipped unless there is a price increase on the sub part. OEM remotes not listed as "Normally Stocked" are considered Special Order. Special Order Items are not returnable except for exchange when defective.

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